Recruiting qualified candidates for your organization poses significant challenges in today's economy. Innovative efforts are required to recruit and retain your work force. One of the most integral components and time-tested methods of any recruitment plan is print advertising.

Print advertising serves more than the traditional recruitment role. It allows an organization to promote its culture & attributes and gain a strong foothold in a world dominated by "branding". Any recruitment plan should include a comprehensive strategy but to do so without a strong print plan would be like chopping a tree down in a forest. Image is nothing if no one sees or hears you.

It's been said that a candidate's first introduction to an organization is during the recruitment process. We happen to agree. In order to capture your candidate you need to captivate your candidate. To do so, you need a strong presence in print to differentiate your "brand" from your competitors who are vying for the same people.

An effective campaign must be established and implemented over a period of time that speaks to your target audience about the critical elements of your organization. Vision, mission, culture, corporate philosophy to name a few. Whether you're recruiting physicians for an employed practice model, single or multispecialty group; or seasonal warehouse staff on a part time basis....a connection must be established between your organization and your target audience through the continuous and strategic use of print advertising.

For 18 years, we've been helping organizations large and small reach their audience by offering comprehensive recruitment advertising solutions through effective ad development. We can do the same for you....quickly and cost effectively.

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